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Jennie Kwon Designs and Motherhood

Posted on May 02 2016

Ganni Lace Top

At Refined, we love talking about our friends who are doing amazing things. On the roster today is Jennie Kwon - designer behind Jennie Kwon Designs, the jewelry line for the girls seeking that "subtle touch of luxury for the everyday". We hung out with Jennie at her studio to talk about JDK and motherhood…

I was coming out of a career first as a classical musician then as an attorney and wanted to return to doing something beautiful and meaningful to me.  As a true risk averse lawyer would be, I was great at talking myself out of things and thinking of all the reasons why completely changing direction wouldn't work out, but...maternity leave was the perfect hiatus for me to explore and finally take that plunge into something creative.  I saw a need for delicate pieces that had a bit of edge and were more streamlined and quietly luxurious than what was out there at the time.  I designed around 10 pieces I myself had been wanting to wear and introduced them to the world and the rest is history.

Advice for aspiring designers.

Find your own angle on things.  The jewelry space is so saturated and things all start looking the same!  Whatever people are doing out there, have your own vision and stay true to it and this will resonate with people.



Motherhood is... 

Tiring, energizing and an adventure!  

On balancing motherhood and work. 

It's always a tug of war between the two.  It's hard and tiring having two full time jobs, but you do what you can to make it work and it's such a true blessing to have both.  There are definitely days where you feel mom guilt when things are moving at a hectic pace at work and I'm either physically not there or my head's buried in my laptop or phone, and there are days where I'm at a school event all day and feel guilt for not being 100% there at work.  With that being said, I try my best to be present in each moment for the most part.  When I'm with my kids, however long or short it may be, I try to give them my undivided attention and be engaged-truly listen to what they're saying and let them know that I'm there with them.  And when I'm in work mode, I try to maximize productivity and zone out any distractions, and of course, my team helps a great deal to keep things running smoothly.

Marriage post babies.

We've become less selfish and more appreciative towards each other.  I think pre kids, a lot of the focus is on yourself and how you feel things "should be" in a relationship.  After we had the twins, we're always striving towards a common goal- to keep things running smoothly in our family and raise the kiddos as best as we can.  We both work hard at this, and with time being so limited juggling work and family, we truly appreciate our time with each other.  We make it a point to spend time alone and reconnect.

Mommy uniform.

Most days I'm running around downtown or running around somewhere with my kids so comfort is key.  My go-tos are a super soft t shirt and comfortable denim with a pair of stylish kicks.  My Golden Goose sneakers are a current fave.


And since it's the week leading up to Mother's Day, Jennie shared her wish list with us.

1. Rachel Comey Jumpsuit | 2. Baum und Pferdgarten Top | 3. Pigeon Toe Bowl Set | 4. Jennie Kwon Ring | 5. Rachel Comey Jumpsuit


Photographer: Isabella Marengo





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