Motherhood Session by Veronika Paluch

Veronika Paluch’s Motherhood Sessions are works of art—meticulously crafted, timelessly beautiful memories that celebrate the beauty and love of family life. Blending classic elements with creative angles and light play to capture moments as they truly are, each photo series expresses an emotion that can only be summed up by a single word– joy! At first glance, these images may seem simple; however it's the attention to detail that makes them truly extraordinary. Her use of color, composition and lighting create an atmosphere full of grace and warmth. Through her photos you can feel the unique bond between mother and child in every frame. 

Veronika's go-to REFINED Co Preset collection is REFINED II. Designed with studio photography in mind, REFINED II can seamlessly go from light and airy to dark and moody while maintaining beautiful, rich colors and REFINED Co’s luminous skin tones. Clean colors and crisp whites are at the foundation of this preset collection along with zero color shifts in the highlights and shadows to produce authentic, true-to-life edits that will instantly elevate your images.


Breathtaking Motherhood Session: Mother Holding Baby
Liz Motherhood Session Gallery Photo
Liz Motherhood Session: Mother laughing with child
Motherhood Session: Baby lying down
Motherhood Photography by Veronika Paluch Edited with REFINED II Presets
Veronika Paluch photography edited with REFINED Co presets
Liz Motherhood Session: Baby Photo



Mother and Baby Laying Together Taken by Veronika Paluch
Veronika Paluch photography
Veronika Paluch Motherhood Photography
Motherhood Session: Lying Pose
Veronika Paluch Motherhood Session: Mother Playing with Baby
Motherhood Session: Kneeling Pose
Liz Motherhood Session Gallery: Baby
"A sessions with Veronika Paluch" Image

At Refined Co, our premium presets and editing tools amplify what makes your creativity unique to consistently produce the elevated look you want. We collaborate with our favorite photographers so that you can borrow the best of their work to seamlessly elevate yours.

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