Film-Inspired And Color Grading Video LUTs 

At Refined CO., we recognize the transformative power that having the right resources can have on a filmmaker’s work. This is why we’ve cultivated an extensive collection of video LUTs for Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and Final Cut Pro that’s meticulously crafted to meet the sophisticated demands of professional filmmakers, videographers, and editors seeking unparalleled excellence. Inspired by the timeless beauty of film, our video LUTs are designed like our film presets: to emulate the unique characteristics of legendary film stocks, including Kodak and Fuji Film. This commitment to authenticity and precision bridges the gap between the classical allure of film and today's digital video technology. Each video LUT in our collection is a testament to our dedication to quality, ensuring every frame and scene you craft is imbued with cinematic grandeur. More than tools, our video LUT presets are extensions of your artistic expression, empowering you to infuse your films with emotional depth and cinematic texture. Whether it's a wedding, a documentary, or a creative film project, our LUTs for video editing offer versatility and compatibility to consistently enhance your visual narrative. Expertly curated and rigorously tested, our professional-grade color grading LUTs integrate seamlessly with popular editing platforms, replicating iconic film looks with just a few clicks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a LUT?

A LUT, or look-up table, is an essential tool in video editing and color grading. These video presets contain a set of pre-defined adjustments to color and tonal values, used to transform the appearance of footage. From light and airy to dark and moody, LUT presets are instrumental in achieving a specific visual style, often emulating the look of film stocks or creating unique color aesthetics. Video presets play a crucial role in post-production, enabling editors and colorists to apply complex color transformations efficiently and consistently across different clips or projects.

What is a LUT in color grading?

In color grading, LUTs for video are powerful tools used to apply predefined color transformations to footage. They simplify the process of achieving a specific look or style, especially when trying to mimic the color palette of certain film stocks or visual themes. Video LUTs are valuable in ensuring consistency across various shots and scenes, making them an indispensable asset for videographers and colorists seeking to maintain a coherent visual narrative.

Do you apply video LUTs before or after color correction? 

The order of applying a LUT preset and performing color correction can vary depending on the desired outcome. Generally, applying LUTs for video editing before color correction can provide a baseline for the look you’re aiming for, allowing you to make further adjustments to fine-tune the image. However, some professionals prefer to do basic color correction first to ensure consistent exposure and balance before applying the video LUT for stylization. At Refined Co., we recommend experimenting with both methods to see which best suits your workflow and project needs.

How do you import video LUTs into Premiere Pro?

To enhance your videos with Refined Co.'s Premiere Pro LUTs, follow these steps:

1. Open Premiere Pro and go to the ‘Effects’ panel.
2. Under ‘Lumetri Presets’, right-click and choose ‘Import Presets’.
3. Navigate to the location of the downloaded Refined Co. LUTs for Premiere Pro and select them.
4. The LUTs presets will now be available in the ‘Lumetri Color’ panel under ‘Creative’, where you can apply them to your footage.

How do you add video LUTs to DaVinci Resolve?

Adding Refined Co.’s DaVinci Resolve LUTs is straightforward:

1. Open DaVinci Resolve and go to the ‘Color’ workspace.

2. Right-click on any thumbnail in the media pool and select ‘LUTs’ > ‘Open LUT Folder’.

3. Copy the downloaded Refined Co. DaVinci Resolve LUTs into this folder.

4. Restart the application. The video presets will now be available in the ‘LUTs’ panel for use in your color grading process.

How do you add video LUTs in Final Cut Pro?

To apply a Refined Co.’s LUT in Final Cut Pro:

1. Open Final Cut Pro and select the clip you want to edit.

2. In the ‘Effects’ browser, select ‘Color’ and drag the ‘Custom LUT’ effect to your clip.

3. In the ‘Video Inspector’, click on the ‘LUT’ dropdown menu and choose ‘Choose Custom LUT’.

3. Locate and select the Refined Co. LUT for Final Cut Pro you wish to use.