Dark & Moody Presets


Dark And Moody Presets For Mobile & Desktop

Mood is a language in visual storytelling. At Refined Co., we've crafted a collection of dark and moody presets for desktop and mobile that speak volumes for your photos. Each dark and moody preset in this collection has been meticulously designed to encapsulate the intensity and emotion that only dark and moody photography can convey. Our dark and moody Lightroom presets provide a creative arsenal for photographers who dare to delve into the evocative and cinematic side of photography. An especially powerful editing tool for capturing the emotionality of portrait photography, this preset collection can enhance your narrative and convey your artistic vision. Whether you're a black and white photographer looking to imbue your portfolio with depth or a professional keen on elevating your interior photography, we offer the tools you need to translate your vision into compelling imagery. P.S - if it’s a lighter look you’re going for, we have light and airy presets, too!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dark and moody preset?

A dark and moody preset is a finely tuned setting within photo editing software, such as Adobe Lightroom or Capture One, that applies this specific style to your images. This style is characterized by rich shadows, desaturated colors, and an overall dramatic and emotive atmosphere that can turn a simple photograph into a storytelling masterpiece. Refined Co.'s dark and moody Lightroom presets are crafted to encapsulate these characteristics and provide an instant transformation to your photos.

How do you make a dark and moody picture?

Creating a dark and moody picture involves more than just underexposing your shots. It's an artful balance of tonal contrasts, selective saturation, and playing with light and shadow to convey a particular ambience. When editing your photos, this can be achieved by manually adjusting the exposure, tweaking the blacks and shadows, and refining the color palette to emphasize cooler tones while maintaining depth and detail. Our moody and dark Lightroom presets can streamline this process and give you a strong starting point for your edits.

How do I make dark aesthetics in Lightroom?

To craft dark aesthetics in Lightroom, begin by reducing the exposure to create a darker overall image. Experiment with the tone curve to deepen the shadows and maintain some contrast. Adjust the saturation and vibrance for a more subdued color scheme, and consider tweaking individual color channels for a more tailored look. Our moody and dark Lightroom presets offer a range of nuanced adjustments that encapsulate the essence of dark aesthetics. They allow for both subtle and dramatic effects depending on your creative needs.

Why should you choose Refined Co.’s dark and moody presets?

Refined Co.'s dark and moody presets are designed for photographers who seek to express the deeper tones of life through their work. With an emphasis on quality and versatility, our presets are the product of deep research and real-world testing. They cater to a broad spectrum of dark and moody photography styles, from the subtle to the profoundly dramatic. When you choose Refined Co., you’re getting dark and moody presets that unlock a world where every photograph has the potential to tell an evocative story that resonates with viewers.