Black & White Presets

Black and White Presets For Lightroom and Capture One

In photography, black and white images stand the test of time as enduring classics. At Refined Co., we’ve meticulously developed a suite of black and white presets for Lightroom, Capture One, and LUTs. Each one is tailored to meet the discerning needs of professionals who seek to capture the essence of their subjects in the absence of color. These Lightroom black and white presets are crafted to enhance the emotional impact of your pictures by bringing out the subtleties of light and shadow that monochromatic photography is celebrated for. Our Capture One and Lightroom black and white presets aren’t just tools; they are a creative gateway to transform your photos into works of art. From weddings to portraits, we offer an array of black and white presets Lightroom users can seamlessly integrate into their workflow. Each one is designed to render the perfect monochrome effect - from deep, rich blacks to delicate grays and crisp whites. At Refined Co., we deliver the best black and white presets for Lightroom that both photographers and videographers can use to produce professional and striking images.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you edit a photo to black and white?

Editing a photo on mobile or desktop to black and white in Lightroom involves more than just desaturating the color. You also need manipulate shadows, highlights, and contrast to bring out the best in your monochrome image. Utilizing Lightroom black and white presets from Refined Co. can streamline this process. They fine tune the black and white balance, offering an instant transformation that highlights the intricacies of your photograph. Our black and white Lightroom presets ensure that each frame captures the timeless elegance of black and white photography.

When should you edit in black and white? 

Choosing to edit a photo in black and white is a powerful artistic decision. It’s particularly effective when you want to highlight contrasts, textures, or convey a certain mood that color might distract from. Black and white photo editing is ideal for situations where light, shadow, and form are more expressive than color, such as in portraiture, dramatic landscapes, or street photography. The best black and white presets for Lightroom can help you explore which scenes translate best into this timeless medium.

How do I make black tones in Lightroom?

Achieving rich, deep blacks in Lightroom is crucial for impactful black and white photography. Adjusting the blacks and shadows sliders in the develop module allows you to deepen your black tones without losing detail. Black and white presets from Refined Co. can be especially useful here. Our collection is tailored to enhance these tones, ensuring your images have the depth and drama that good black and white photos require.

What makes a great black and white photograph?

Great black and white photography lies in its ability to use contrast, lighting, and composition to tell a story or evoke emotions. A powerful black and white image often hinges on a strong tonal range, from deep blacks to bright whites, capturing a sense of drama and narrative depth. The best black and white presets for Lightroom and Capture One from Refined Co. can help in achieving this balance, enhancing the natural beauty and drama inherent in monochromatic imagery.

How do you make black and white photos look professional?

Professional-looking black and white photos come from a combination of good lighting, thoughtful composition, and skilled post-processing. To achieve this, ensure that your image has a balanced range of tones, from deep blacks to bright highlights. The best Lightroom black and white presets can be invaluable in the editing process, as they're designed to bring out the subtleties and textures that give your photos a polished, professional look. At Refined Co., we’ve fine-tuned our black and white presets to suit the particular nuances of each photo to elevate your work to a professional standard.