Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a free trial or download? 

We would love to do a test edit for you!

Head over to our Facebook community, post a link with 1-3 RAW files via your favorite file sharing software (Dropbox, WeTransfer, Drive) tag Marta Locklear, our Founder, and she will do an edit video herself for you. Be sure to mention which collection you would like Marta to test!

Do you offer a payment plan? 

Yes! We offer 4 low monthly payments via Affirm. Click on the Affirm link below the ADD TO CART on each product page. Rates from 0% APR or 10-36% APR. Payment options through Shop Pay Installments are subject to an eligibility check and are provided by these lending partners: Options depend on your purchase amount, and a down payment may be required. State notices to consumers

Is CApture one and lightroom both included?

No. Lightroom and Capture One are two very different platforms that need individual builds of the presets and styles and individual updates for each, therefore they are sold separately. If you work in both platforms, take advantage of our 20% off bundle option when you purchase two or more products. 


You will receive instructions in your download link on how to install your presets. You can also find helpful installation videos in our Support Hub and on our YouTube channel


You will receive instructions in your download link on how to install your presets. You can also find helpful installation videos in our Support Hub and on our YouTube channel


Due to the digital nature of our products we do not offer refunds.

How long does it take to edit a photo with REFINED Co?

We worked very hard to make our presets as easy and fast to use as possible. How quick they work depends on the quality of exposure and white balance of the image from the start, and how much creative editing you want to add to your images. They are designed to be used in a few simple steps. Adjust white balance, add preset, adjust exposure, tweak white balance if needed and adjust shadows/blacks if needed. These steps should take less than 10 seconds an image. 84% off our users say they save over :90 seconds per image in editing time!


We have created a nice variety of editing tools styles inspired by the work of some of the top photographers in the world. 

REFINED I is inspired by Marta Locklear’s FUJI 400H film work. Marta’s film work is clean with a Fuji film color palette with little color shift in the shadows and highlights. It’s perfect if you want a nice clean true to life edit with the delicacy of FUJI 400H. It works well on studio, wedding, lifestyle, commercial, editorial and much more! Marta still edits all of her digital stock, commercial and lifestyle photography with REFINED I to blend seamlessly with her film work. REFINED I includes 4 main presets with 3 Fuji Film color tones you can add to each of the four presets. 2 Black and white presets and workflow tools. 

REFINED x KT Merry is inspired by years of KT Merry’s FUJI 400H and Ilford Delta BW film work. KT is known for her delicate painterly soft tones, lifted shadows and low contrast. Her collection is filled with 10 different Fuji 400H based presets, 2 ambient light presets, 2 reception and workflow tools. 

REFINED x Caroline Tran is inspired by years of Caroline’s FUJI 400H film work. Caroline is known for her diverse portfolio of delicate soft ethereal maternities, true to life weddings, and bold and vibrant commercial work. Her collection has a little of everything in it. Patina gives you a slight vintage film feel, while Pure is clean, classic and ethereal. The Vibrant presets are great if you like a pop to your images and nice clean bright whites. 

REFINED x Tec Petaja is inspired by years of Tec’s Kodak Portra Film work. Tec is know for images rich in color, contrast and warm Portra vibes. His collection is built with the flexibility to choose your Portra scan tone, and amount of contrast desired in just 1 click, then you can adjust and tweak from there to make it your own. 

What is the best white balance and exposure for presets & profiles? 


The best white balance for Refined presets is the white balance that you are most comfortable with and works with your workflow. Either get it right in camera and editing is faster, or fix it in post and you are not fiddling with it while you shoot. We do suggest getting comfortable with white balance because it is honestly the thing that can make or break any preset.

Whether you shoot in with auto white balance, Kelvin, or custom white balance, you want to make sure the final product is the tones you are looking for. It is a personal preference but something that is easily adjusted while shooting or in post processing. That is the beauty of shooting in RAW. 


We suggest shooting at middle exposure or slightly under if you have bright whites or highlights. We suggest not blowing out whites and highlights. We have strong tone curves built in our presets and profiles that help retain your highlights like film and give you full flexibility to lift the exposure or shadows to lighten the image backup.

What cameras do these presets work with? 

Refined Co presets and profiles have been tested on a plethora of camera and lens combos, only minor adjustments in WB/tint and occasionally contrast is needed when switching between bodies.

• Canon

• Nikon

• Sony

• Fuji GFX

• Phase One

• Leica

• Horseman for Pentax 645

Which REFINED Co presets work best with Fuji 400H film? 

REFINED I, REFINED x KT Merry and REFINED x Caroline Tran are all inspired by FUJI 400H film. 

Which REFINED Co presets work best with Kodak Portra 400 & 800 film? 

REFINED x Tec Petaja is inspired by Kodak Portra film and provides you with a variation in tones and punch like the variations found in various Portra scans.

Can you use Mobile Presets on RAW images and Desktop Presets on Mobile (jpeg compressed) images? 

Technically, Yes. 

However, they will not function the same. We have designed the desktop presets specifically for RAW files and the Mobile presets for compressed images. Each file type needs different levels of contrast, black points, shadows, saturation, color shift, etc. If you choose to use one on the opposite file type it may take more tweaking and adjusting to get the image the way you would like it.