Welcome to our new Refined Journal! We are so excited to start bringing you tips, tutorials, interviews and of course more Refined Sessions here. Today we have a stunning bridal editorial shoot by Caroline Tran. Caroline was kind enough to share this shoot with us so we could do a video edit showing you how easy the Refined x Caroline Tran presets work to edit film and digital files in the same session. Below is a new YouTube video called Match Film w/ Refined x Caroline Tran Presets that will walk you through some tricky lighting situations, varying white balances, matching film and tips to create the fine art feel in your edit. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss any upcoming videos!

Caroline Tran leaned on her digital Fuji Film GFX 50s camera and used a Fringer to connect her Contax 645 80mm 2.0 lens. Below are some of the side by side edits from the video above that we edited for you. We carefully focused on maintaining the fine art film feel for her digital images by using the collaboration presets with Refined x Caroline Tran.

Learn to edit heavy shade and maintain perfect skin tone.

Tips for Being Productive Working at Home: Woman Taking a Break and Laying on Couch

How to get good even white balance on a warm image with strong whites.

Rhonda S Review of REFINED Co Presets

How to get strong skin tones in heavy green cast images.

Ocean ripple with REFINED x Tec Petaja Mobile Preset
Hiring and Outsourcing a Team: Boat Shot by KT Merry

How to edit strong shadows, bright whites and strong skin tone in the same image.

Indian Wedding: Bride & Groom Intimate Car Shot

Editing a very cool image to be warm and natural.

REFINED x Ektar Alex Azabache Photo

How to achieve a fine art black and white image.

Martha Stewart Living
Olive and Aster photography with REFINED presets

Timeless and simple editing..

Motherhood Session: Lying Pose
REFINED x Tec Petaja Groom Side Profile
Mother and Children Before and After Photographs
How to Choose Portrait Presets: Woman in Pink Dress Taken by KT Merry


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Caroline also shot film for her client and used her Contax 645 Medium Format film camera with the 80mm 2.0 lens and Fuji 400H film. Below are a few side by side comparisons of her film scans by Richard Photolab (Left) and our digital edits use Refined x Caroline Tran presets (Right). We highly recommend using a film scan, or other reference image when editing to get a strong match or achieving a better white balance. Over time this technique will help you understand white balance better and edit faster.

Harper's Bazaar
How to Choose Portrait Presets: Woman in Pink Dress Taken by KT Merry
REFINED I Gallery: Pastry Tart

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