3 Tips For Better Mobile Photos 

Most of us go through our day-to-day lives with a little camera in our pocket. We’re able to quickly document some of life’s sweetest moments (without pulling out the “big camera” or setting up a photo shoot). Photography is no longer about having the right gear, but rather being able to use whatever camera you have at the moment to create the imagery you envision. 

So how do you create better photos when you’re working with your phone? Here are 3 of our best tips to get you started:

Tips For Better Mobile Photos: Open Shade Dog


Natural light is every photographer’s best friend, especially when it comes to mobile photography. Mobile cameras don’t do as well with adjusting exposure and lens flares so you should always gravitate towards even, natural light when you pull out your phone. 

If you’re shooting indoors

Turn off interior lights to avoid extra warmth from tungsten lights. 

Place your subject near a window and face them towards the light to avoid deep shadows. 

REFINED x Caroline Tran Mobile Presets: Girl Standing Sideways Holding Flowers

Natural light leaves a nice whites in the entire image. 

REFINED x Tec Petaja: B&W Bride & Groom Shot

Tungsten light leaves warm yellow light on subject. 

If you’re shooting outdoors:  

Find open shade out of the harsh sun for a softer look. 

Shoot during golden hour (an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset) but make sure you don’t shoot directly at the sun to avoid backlighting.

REFINED x Caroline Tran Gallery: Pregnant Facing Away Shot

Full sun blows out the highlights and creates hard shadows. 

Tips For Better Mobile Photos: Open Shade Dog

Open Shade evens out the shadows and softens the highlights on mobile images.


Finding the right angle is key to a good mobile photo. Unless you’re shooting a traditional flat lay, try to get on the same level as the subject for a more direct and professionally composed image. 

For example, if you are taking a picture of your child picking a flower (or favorite  crouch down or get on your knees to shoot directly. You’d be surprised by how a simple angle change can take your phone photo from basic to scroll-stopping. 

REFINED II Before Edits of Sleeping Baby

Standing position looking down on subject. 

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Crouching or kneeling to get even level with subject.

REFINED x Tec Petaja B&W Couple Shot

Standing position looking down on subject. 

Five Ways To Elevate Your Editing

Crouching or kneeling to get even level with subject.


Mobile Presets are incredibly easy to use and allow you to edit on the go! Whether you are a professional photographer or simply want to beautify the photos on your camera roll, mobile presets allow you to elevate your images with a click of a button (no extensive editing expertise required). You don’t need a fancy camera or even to consider yourself a “photographer” to create mobile images that you’re proud of, presets make it effortless. 

If you ARE a professional, Mobile Presets will give you consistency between your social posts and professional work. Not to mention, the Lightroom Mobile app gives you the same editing flexibility of Lightroom Desktop so you can make precise and consistent edits, quickly. 

Black and White Portrait by Corey Johnson with REFINED II Photo Presets
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Tips For Better Mobile Photos: Open Shade Dog
REFINED x Caroline Tran: Outdoor Lunch Setting
Boy & Dog After Mobile Preset
Hiring and Outsourcing a Team: Boat Shot by KT Merry
REFINED x Ektar: Colorful Houses


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3 Tips For Better Photos: Flower Basket

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