Breathtaking Indian Wedding by Bruno Rezza

These images LITERALLY stopped us in our scroll one day on Instagram. We then held our breath...headed to the caption/tags and secretly hope it was a REFINED Co edit...and it was! Bruno Rezza captured this multi-day luxury Indian wedding and festivities with a keen eye for color palette and composition. He impeccably utilized the full sun, wardrobe, light, and lines to the fullest to create perfectly composed fine art images for his clients (and us). 

Today we are sharing a peek into the wedding day portraits with more posts of the rest of the festivities to follow. 

And because we are a preset company and we know you love a good before and after, be sure to scroll to the bottom to see his SOOC and which presets he used to edit these gorgeous images.




The Gear & Presets Bruno used for this wedding.

Bruno captured this event with a Nikon d750 and Leica M10. Then culled and edited the beautifully in Lightroom CC Classic with REFINED x KT Merry presets


We know you all love a good before and after so you can see the power of the presets in action!

At Refined Co, our premium presets and editing tools amplify what makes your creativity unique to consistently produce the elevated look you want. We collaborate with our favorite photographers so that you can borrow the best of their work to seamlessly elevate yours.

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